Self Initiative

When wrapping paper becomes an excuse to get creative, gift wrapping is just the beginning. It can be folded into paper planes and party hats. It can be used for easy origami designs or more intricate models. It even looks great as a bookmark. Options are endless. Unlimited stock is available to download.

WrapIt Hope

WrapIt: Free Hope Edition
01. Explore your options: wrapping paper, poster or post card.
02. Hopefully, you have an excellent printer.
03. Or, maybe you have an excellent friend who owns a printer.
04. Always look for the light on the printer and at the end of the tunnel.
05. Dare to hope more.
06. Dream. Live. Enjoy!

WrapIt Xmas

WrapIt: Xmas Edition
01. Download our festive wrapping paper.
02. Print it out in two enormously lovable sizes.
A3 for your small presents and A4 for your tiny presents.
03. Dress up your presents for family, friends and colleagues.
04. Show off your presents.
05. Enjoy the holidays!

WrapIt Star

WrapIt: Stars Edition
01. Download our twinkling little stars wrapping paper.
02. Dress up your presents for family and friends like a true star.
03. Show off your presents and enjoy the holidays.
04. If step 2 fails due to lack of presents, you can also make your own handcrafted paper plane and decorate your Christmas tree. Get your instructions here.

WrapIt Valentine

WrapIt: Valentine's Day Edition
01. Download our wrapping paper and card.
02. Let your printer feel the love.
03. Wrap your present.
04. Write down a flirtatious message to your Valentine.
05. Don't be shy! Give your present, a hug and a kiss.
06. Happy Valentine's Day!


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We believe that blissful times should always be in season. Therefore, you can find all downloadable paper patterns on our website year-round, ready for you to print and use as creatively as your heart desires.