Kama Frouta is a contemporary and playful arrangement of embroidery.

kama frouta

Traditional techniques deliver visually delicious eroticism on a three-panel needlepoint canvas. Pop culture, comic art, vibrant colors and abstract depictions of fruits trigger a seamless dialogue between the viewers’ curious and naughty side. The color contrast and suggestive undertones add to the subtle and witty attitude.

Fruits are usually associated with the summer, exotic places and having fun. The smooth-skinned peaches along with the sweet-tasting fig represent female sexuality. Bananas, on the other hand, are often seen as a symbol of masculinity.

kama frouta

The work in progress



Three panel embroidery.
Size: 53cm x 35 cm

Music: Markella Skourti
Photography: Math Studio
Stop motion: Yiota Katraki