Brand Identity, Print, Self Initiative

Selected projects completed during a remarkable time spent in London as a freelancer and as a designer at Wherefore Art?

when in london
punk book

The Punk. book includes engrossing images and anecdotal true stories covering the Punk movement. The type is bold. The story is narrated through the quotes of the protagonists of that era. A rule-breaking book, both in its context and design.


Three stages of the lenticular poster created for the London exhibition "The Audi Hendrix Experience."
Photography: Gered Mankowitz.

bob Carlos

In this limited edition, 176-page book, Bob Carlos Clarke, a prolific British photographer, describes in his own words three decades of his life and work. Shooting Sex was printed on matte paper. Photo paper was used for the pages containing photographs featured in glossy magazines.


Fashion catalogue for Arkadius printed in Hexachrome™ in order to achieve vivid colors brimming with sensualism.

michael putland

Promotional brochure for the photographer Michael Putland.

Elton John

Tour book for Elton John's "Songs from the West Coast" performances. The middle part of the book works as a photo album and the pages are shorter. Two fluorescent pantone colors were used.

emma shapplin

CD cover and press kit for Emma Shapplin’s La Notte Etterna.