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Meliartos, a contemporary Athenian bakery, is paying homage to the candidly quaint style of old Athens by creating and serving fresh bites and drinks.


The company’s logo and its various applications, inspired by the Byzantine bread stamps, take a rather typographic route. Each component of the name “Meliartos” is illustrated in the logo. The hexagon resembles a hive for ‘meli,’ Greek word for honey, and the circle brings to mind ‘artos,’ Greek word for bread.

Meliartos Brand Identity logo
meliartos pite

All applications unveil elegant details influenced by tile motifs in the neoclassical homes of old Athens. The decorative pattern system is strong visually and allows flexible design choices. It is, therefore, not always necessary to read the logo to recognize the brand. The vibrant colors of Meliartos fresh products attract the attention thanks to the absence of background color.

Meliartos Brand Identity Packaging Boxes

In the black & white packaging series, there is a small detail worth mentioning. Going against what’s usually expected, the logo on the paper box can be seen after opening it up and while the customer enjoys its contents.

Meliartos Brand Identity Packaging box detail
Meliartos Brand Identity Packaging cream
Meliartos Brand Identity Packaging bag sandwich
Meliartos Brand Identity Packaging bag sandwich
Meliartos Brand Identity Packaging Bottles
Meliartos Brand Identity Packaging salad coffee
Meliartos Brand Identity tiles

Meliartos brand identity has also “invaded” the store’s walls and floors. Details from the logo make an eye-catching statement as they appear on certain tiles that blend in with the rest.

Meliartos signage

A playful take on the logo for the restroom signs.


Photography: Math Studio